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Lake George extends for many miles between mountains in the Adirondacks and it's known for the clarity of its water, where you can see as deep as thirty feet. But that water clarity and quality is declining as invasive species take hold and stormwater washes in salt and nitrates. The FUND for Lake George is making critical investments in the region to fully understand how the lake is changing and reverse its declining health.

We started working with the FUND in 2013 to build a new website, helping them present the threats to the lake and their solutions. This was a turning point for the FUND, allowing them to regularly update their site with the latest news and impacts of their work. 

Shortly after the website, we designed a package of communication tools for sharing their work, building partnerships, and raising funds. The State of the Lake report summarized a longer scientific publication that we designed, describing findings from thirty years of water quality monitoring. The Fate of the Lake report offered a blueprint for protection. These were packaged in a folder that helped staff deliver printed materials to donors over the last three years.

In 2015, the FUND started drafting up a job description for a communications coordinator and then decided to talk with us about filling that role. This began a close relationship where we work weekly with FUND staff to develop a communication strategy and produce materials throughout the year to further their work. Our support includes copywriting and editing, strategic advice, publication design, production of several websites, mobile app development, video production, and social media management.

The Tamarack team's in-depth understanding of nonprofits, specifically environmental organizations, makes them the ideal partner for communicating our vision for the next generation of Lake George protection. Starting with the complete redesign of our website, they have consistently and effectively produced materials that capture the true essence of our mission and programs. Clients can expect a knowledgeable, attentive, and collaborative team if they choose Tamarack!
– Jessica Rubin, Former Director of Development and Marketing

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