Crafting a Strategy for a Global Partnership

The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) was started by the Taiwan EPA, US EPA, and NAAEE to bring together leaders in the field of EE from around the world. This unique partnership aims to be a network for networks, connecting NAAEE with similar professional associations, academic institutions, and government agencies in other regions. Through capacity building and information sharing, GEEP fosters innovation in environmental education and increases the field's impact, helping educators rise to today's challenges.

But from the start, the GEEP had two problems:

  • How do you communicate about something as abstract as a network for networks?
  • How do you best harness information technology for a global network?

We helped NAAEE and the other partners shape a strategy around web technology and communication. Our work for GEEP also includes producing a promotional video, integrating the GEEP and NAAEE websites, and supporting further internationalization of their communication through translation, interactive maps, and geographic search.