Making Content Accessible

Client: Fourth Sector Strategies

Project Team: Daniel

SMEasure is a tool that helps small business owners identify energy inefficient buildings, implement the best conservation upgrades, and track performance with highly accurate degree day analysis. The tool was developed in England and Betony Jones at Fourth Sector Strategies was helping the development team construct a version for the U.S., to initially be tested in California’s Sierra Nevada region. 

Betony knew that the text for the pilot project site needed to be clear and understandable for users not accustomed to energy analysis terminology. She asked Tamarack to assist with translating site content from British technical English to a text that small business owners would find accessible. Daniel’s experience and interest in energy issues was a perfect match and he joined the team to provide new copy, content, and layout suggestions. See the site here.

Daniel's background with this subject and eye for clarity helped us quickly improve the quality of this tool. The Tamarack team's experience is a great asset for our work and we love collaborating with them.
Betony (Jones) Rubey, Fourth Sector Strategies

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