Responsive Design

Client: NeighborWorks Capital

Project Team: DanielT.J.Colleen

Today, people see websites on screens of all sizes. The days of fixed width website designs are coming to an end. The Tamarack website and the NeighborWorks Capital site described here are both built to respond to the width of the browser. Change the size of your browser now and see how the site adjusts!

The old website at NeighborWorks Capital (NC) was limiting the staff’s ability to reach potential borrowers and robbing their time. Only the Executive Director had the knowledge required to post new content within a restrictive design that no longer reflected the breadth of their work. 

Daniel sat down with the staff to help identify their audiences and plan a fresh design to feature new loan products and demonstrate NC’s growing, nationwide impact. Colleen provided a design to set NC apart in the Community Development Loan Fund field and T.J. programmed the site to be responsive to any browser width, reorganizing content to fit the device used to view it, from phones to large monitors. Give it a look!

Potential borrowers can now learn about the portfolio of loan products and start the application process directly through the site. All staff are able to log in through any browser and quickly add or update content.

Tamarack also set NC up with several additional communication assets, each matching the new site design. These included a free online newsletter tool, loan profile sheets, and banner displays. 

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