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Client: Vermont Trails & Greenways Council

Project Team: DanielGinaT.J.

The Vermont Trails & Greenways Council (VTGC) has no staff. Council members have limited time within and beyond their own jobs to administer Council activities. When they secured funding for a new website, they were looking for a tool that would build their capacity to serve their members and reduce the time required to keep it up to date. We met their need with a Drupal website and CiviCRM Event registration.

VTGC provides Vermont’s recreation community with a vehicle to advance their desires for trail maintenance and development. The Council represents land, snow, and water trail users, a politically diverse group with a shared appreciation for getting outside. The website had to be both accessible to members and representative of their interests.   

We started with VTGC’s logo, which depicts twelve types of trail use. Gina added color and expanded it to be a header for the new site design. To promote all that’s happening in the trails world, she included several graphic links to resources, like Local Motion’s Trail Finder and the manual for trail building and maintenance. On the home page, a central image coordinates with the website background, changing on every page load and representing a different type of trail use.

As T.J. constructed the site, he focused intently on a structure that would save Council time. The website background for sub pages changes automatically with the seasons. Members can update their profile and post their own events, news, and jobs. They can sign up and renew their membership through the site. When their membership is about to expire, they receive automated reminders with instructions on renewal. Administrators can track membership directly through the site and export a spreadsheet with member data. 

VTGC’s annual symposium required a tool that would allow registrants to pay at different levels based on membership, sign up multiple people at once, select workshops to attend, and choose which lunch they’d like. Daniel used CiviEvent to create a user friendly registration system. When the symposium rolls around next year, Council members can update the offerings and quickly launch the registration again.

To support the Council through adding content and launching, Daniel sat down with members to provide hands on training and an extensive user manual that will continue to be updated as the site develops. Additionally, members have an abbreviated manual to help them make the most of their profile and posting abilities on the new site. 

We have built websites with membership tracking, organizing tools, and advocacy tools for several other initiatives, including Vermont Invasives and the Steel Interstate Coalition.

The tools integrated into our website made the Vermont Trail Symposium much easier to manage. Working with Tamarack Media was a great experience. We always felt that our point person had the best interests of the Vermont Trails and Greenways in mind. They took the time to gain an understanding of our organization and crafted an easy to manage website, appropriate for our audience.
Walter Opuszynski, Council Member @ Vermont Trails & Greenways Council

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