Efficiency Through Site Duplication and Import Feeds

Client: Vermont Land Link

Project Team: PeteColleen

Having already built the New England Farmland Finder (NEFF) website to help connect landowners and farm seekers, we were asked to build a similar site focused on Vermont.  We were able to quickly and inexpensively build the Vermont Land Link website by duplicating and reconfiguring the NEFF website.  

We also gave landowners who post on Vermont Land Link a simple checkbox option to have their listing posted on NEFF as well.  The NEFF site automatically scans a feed from the Vermont Land Link site every three hours and imports any new or updated listings.  The result is more exposure for landowners, and more opportunities for farmers.

Tamarack enabled us to stay engaged during every step of the design and construction process. We're 100% satisfied after three separate projects, and we'd look forward to working with Tamarack again.
Ben Waterman, UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture New Farmer Program Coordinator

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