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Client: Delta

Project Team: DanielBillColleen

While recycling paper and plastics is becoming easier every year, recycling of electronics is still tricky. It’s not an every day activity and when you do have a broken phone or computer, it’s not always easy to figure out where it should go. But recycling electronic waste is critical. Those gadgets have several toxins, such as lead and mercury, that, if deposited in our rivers, topsoil, or air, can do damage to our health over time. Plus, the mining and processing required to get some of these raw materials is very destructive. So, going out of our way to recycle electronic waste can keep us healthy and prevent further mining. 

To help drive this concept home, Delta, a green economy trail blazer from Chicago, put together an electronics waste site as a resource for organizations and government offices to consider why and how to recycle large volumes of electronic waste. To help their messaging, we created two interactive features for them to embed on their new site.  

  • E-Waste And The Ecosystem allows the user to explore a landscape and find the various ways that toxins disposed in our environment get back to us through our water and food.
  • The Electronics Toxics Calculator allows a user to see the impact of their recylcing. They enter the number or weight of seven different waste types. The calculator visualizes results for nine toxins contained in the waste they recycled, showing which waste types contributed the most of each toxin. 

We’re proud to assist Delta in communicating this message and, as long as these toxins still exist in our electronics, we hope to hasten the day when recylcing electronic waste is just as routine as any other kind of recycling. 

Even though our organizations are geographically miles apart, I felt that your excellent communication skills thoroughly bridged the gap. Tamarack has show itself to be a dependable and highly professional organization. You have been a real pleasure to work with.
Margaret Renas - Environmental Engineer & Project Manager

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