Jennifer Caritas


Designer, Developer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jennifer is Tamarack’s newest member, having joined the team in spring of 2016. One of two designer/themers, she’s responsible for the look and feel of many of Tamarack’s newest websites.

Before joining Tamarack, Jennifer spent over 20 years designing and coding websites through her own small business, Stylefish, working with clients including the University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Interesting Fact

Jennifer spends Tuesday nights feeding injured and orphaned baby squirrels at Minnesota’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Tickling squirrels to get them to poop is not something she ever saw in her future.


Jennifer strives for pixel-perfect designs that are both easy to use and to manage. She understands that technology can be intimidating, and works with clients to find solutions they feel comfortable with and excited about.