E Henderson

portrait of nonbinary person with pale skin, a patterned button down and glasses



Greensboro, North Carolina


E grew up among the sandy pines of South Carolina with a love for tree climbing and front porch thunderstorms. Storytelling culture of the American South has shaped their way of moving through the world and connecting with other people. They discovered the power and possibility of visual communication while attending the University of South Carolina Honors College in the late 90’s, and have continued to cultivate their print and digital design practice for the past 20 years. E finds joy in collaborating with other Tamarack members and our clients to craft beautiful, powerful communication that supports environmental, cultural, and social justice organizations.

Interesting Fact

Most impressive dance move: Baby Freeze


Curiosity, discovery, collaboration, visual communication, UI UX design for websites and apps, accessible design practices, email design, visual identity, logos, signage, illustration, direct mail, brochures, reports, brand style guides, information graphics, social media graphics, art direction, photography, filming and editing video.