Daniel Shearer


Project Manager

Burlington, Vermont & Emory, Virginia


Daniel manages the team on projects of all shapes and sizes. Coming to Tamarack after his Development Director years at The DREAM Program, he brings strategies for communicating with supporters and inspiring contagious energy. Daniel developed a keen interest in energy issues during his time as commission chair at the Burlington Electric Department and has honed leadership skills through over fifteen years of volunteering with fire and rescue crews.

Interesting Fact

Daniel is spending part of each year in Southwest Virginia, where he grew up, and is using some Tamarack skills to volunteer for various Virginia political campaigns. He's also facilitating gatherings of changemakers at the Jam


Daniel works with many of our clients to plan their websites, which often leads to conversations about organizational identity and reflection on mission, goals, and how staff talk about their work. In some cases, that has lead to essentially joining the client's team to co-create a project or a campaign. 

Much of each week, Daniel plays a role of traffic control, managing our team to keep new projects moving forward on time while working in small requests from our many clients.