Daniel Shearer


Project Manager


Burlington, Vermont


Daniel likes helping people. Over the last two decades, he jumped into various community organizing initiatives, volunteered as a firefighter and EMT, and deepened his listening and facilitation skills by organizing and hosting Jams. Now, most of his non-work time goes into practicing how to be a good parent and supportive partner.

At work, Daniel gets to help his exceptionally talented co-workers make effective and beautiful tools. "I love what we build and I love my team."

Daniel also enjoys learning new things, like a better biscuit recipe and how the electricity grid works. 

He grew up in Southwest Virginia and is on the lookout for projects that can make an impact in Central Appalachia.

Interesting Fact

In his previous job as Development Director at The DREAM Program, Daniel got a Commercial Drivers License and helped convert a full size school bus to run on waste vegetable oil. They took a bus load of kids and mentors from Vermont to Washington DC and back on about 10 gallons of diesel fuel and 140 gallons of veggie.


Daniel helps his clients plan their projects and supports the team in building them. He loves collaborating closely with his clients to create something together that makes their work more effective and enjoyable.

He also contributes to many parts of the cooperative business development and is proud of the equitable workplace we've built.