Ceci Del Cid

Ceci wearing a light blue t-shirt and hat. She has a black backpack on her back, is holding a coconut in her hands, is smile and looking at the camera.

Project Manager


Boston, Massachusetts


Ceci grew up in Guatemala and completed her higher education in the U.S., making her lived and professional experience cross-cultural and interdisciplinary.

She has researched topics such as hydrogeochemistry, conservation genetics, forest and land governance, environmental justice, and gender equality issues related to distribution and access to natural resources in Latin America. Additionally, she has led initiatives to increase capacity building and technology transfers tailored to tropical forest restoration in human-impacted/modified landscapes in Panama, Colombia, and Brazil.

She has recently expanded and sharpened her ability to apply a social and environmental justice lens to create sustainability and environmental programming, communications, and strategies that are inclusive and equitable. 

Interesting Fact

Ceci loves Latin dancing, with Cali-style salsa being one of her favorites... but she enjoys them all! She also enjoys sketching and coloring. When she cannot dedicate time to bigger pieces, she makes sure to color-code her notes and organizational tools at work and around the house. 


Ceci is a community weaver, advocate, collaborator, and clear communicator with experience managing social media accounts, complex budgets (across partners, institutions, and countries), program staffing and execution, deliverables, and reporting requirements with attention to maximizing positive outcomes for all.