Our Approach

We are a worker-owned cooperative that supports environmental and social justice organizations. We put people first and build healthy relationships — with each other, our clients, technology, and the planet. Our values, and how we apply them each day, are a work in progress, and part of our journey to be and do better.

Our values

  • People first and relationships driven, centered on integrity, kindness, mutual respect, and commitment. 
  • Equity and anti-oppression, centered on fairness and justice. 
  • Joy, centered on harmony with our environment, passion and creativity in our work.  

Our work

We support environmental and social justice organizations by providing communication strategy, website development, video production, social media campaigns, and print/digital design. We create things with thought and care, solve problems with our clients, and take pride in our work.

How we apply our values in our work

We put people first and seek to dismantle systems of oppression so that all can live with dignity with each other, harmony with our planet, freedom and joy in life.

People first and relationships driven, centered on integrity, kindness, mutual respect, and commitment. 

Within our team:

  • We are committed to building relationships with each other in our team based on integrity, kindness, mutual respect, and commitment so that we enjoy working together.
  • We depend on each other to identify existing problems, collaborate, step up and improve our team.   
  • We are committed to addressing conflict and communicating with each other with integrity, clarity, and trust. We move forward at the speed of understanding.

With our clients: 

  • We are committed to communicating clearly with clients and working hard to see projects through. We value long-term relationships with our clients.

With nature:

  • We believe right relationships apply to more than just people. In our relationships with the natural world, we start with gratitude and aspire to reciprocity, receiving from and giving back to nature. 

Equity and anti-oppression, centered on fairness and justice. 

Within our team:

  • In our cooperative, we have equal compensation, equitable benefits and shared ownership. Recognizing that power and privilege still show up in different ways, we are committed to self-governing, individual empowerment, and growth. 
  • We are committed to building a workplace where all team members belong and feel able to show up authentically, as they choose. We are committed to understanding, valuing and supporting teammates with different backgrounds. 
  • We are committed to collectively understanding systems of oppression, how we are impacted by them, and how we can dismantle them. 

With our clients: 

  • We are committed to helping our clients identify and change communication that perpetuates oppression.
  • We established a sliding scale for our rates to ensure we remain affordable to grassroots organizations. 

With technology:

  • We know that technology can often replicate structural inequalities, so we are committed to center people in how we design, develop, and apply technology.
  • We use open-source software/technology whenever possible because it interrupts competition and facilitates resource sharing. Anything we build for our clients is theirs, so if they need to work with someone else down the road, they won’t be stuck with a tool that can’t be transferred.
  • Our team members’ diverse lived experiences offer deep insight into creating tools and technologies that meet our clients’ needs and emphasize accessibility.

With nature:

  • We understand environmental justice as everyone’s right to have access to a thriving and safe environment anywhere we live, learn, work, and play.
  • We understand that systems of oppression have shaped our societies and brought us to the present environmental and climate crises; we are exploring strategies for collective liberation.

Joy, centered on harmony with our environment, passion and creativity in our work.

Within our team:

  • We seek balance in our work and our lives. We are committed to learning and supporting what we each need to have happy and fulfilling work lives.

With our clients:

  • We aspire to be a fun and positive partner for all of our clients.

With technology:

  • We take inspiration from the creative things we accomplish together, harnessing technology to do good.

With nature:

  • We recognize our shared need for contact with the natural world to be healthy, happy, and productive.

See how this turns up in our work.

Our Rates

Base Rate

Our base rate is $150/hour. This supports our families and covers our business expenses. When our income is beyond our expenses, we donate 3% and redistribute the rest to our member owners or invest back in the cooperative.

Redistribution Rate

We’re committed to ensuring that our clients with fewer resources can still afford quality communication tools. We offer a sliding scale, based on an organization’s annual income. To support this, we ask clients with access to resources to pay our redistribution rate of $200/hour. If you have access and can pay this redistribution rate, please let us know. This helps us offer lower rates to more clients who need it. 

Access Rate

If our base rate is not within reach, let us know and we can discuss a lower rate, guided by this scale:

  • $50/hour for small, often volunteer led initiatives with an annual income under $100k.
  • $100/hour for small to medium organizations with an annual income of $100k-500k.

Our ability to offer this rate depends on the number of active projects with lower rates at any given moment and the health of our cash flow. We’re happy to discuss what you need and our capacity to provide it at the time.

Our Non-Discrimination Policy

Tamarack Media Cooperative is committed to the principles of equal opportunity. Our organizational policies, practices, programs, activities and decisions regarding employment, hiring, assignment, compensation, internships and other terms and conditions of employment shall not be based on a person’s race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, ancestry, military discharge status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, source of income, parental status, housing status, or other protected status, in accordance with applicable law. We encourage applications from equity-seeking groups, including LGBTQ+ people, Indigenous peoples, people of color, low-income earners and the unemployed, immigrants and refugees, and people with disabilities or another equity seeking group with which you identify.